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Specializing in capital equipment for the semiconductor, MEMS, LED and solar industries. Representing clients from Texas to California.
We specialize in the sale of semiconductor and related manufacturing equipment and materials. Whether you are looking for new state of the art equipment or help in extending the life of existing production equipment we can help. Below is list of principal companies we represent:

  MEI LLC: MEI's batch wet process systems, wet stations and wet benches are designed for silicon etch, wafer cleaning, and wafer stripping for wafers from 100 mm up to 300 mm, and include fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual options, with a choice of linear and rotary robotics. MEI has a solution to meet most wet etching, wet process, parts cleaning and wafer cleaning needs.

Ecosnow Systems: Precision C02 cleaning systems for HDD, MEMs, and Photomask applications.
n and k Technologies: Thin film metrology tools for semiconductor, photomask, solar cell, flat panel display, and data storage industries. The company's high resolution optical metrology systems are used for film thickness, n and k, phase shift, trench depth, CD and profile measurements.
Marteq: Marteq is the official OEM source for Verteq products including the SuperClean rinser dryer and Sunburst Turbo megasonics. Complete line of spares and service support for all Verteq equipment.

Futurrex, Inc.: A global manufacturer of high-purity specialty chemicals (photoresists) and novel processing solutions for the global microelectronics, photonics and other high growth technology markets.

We also have a vast network to help find specific used equipment that can be refurbished through one of our refurbishment partners. If you have a specific need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Semiconductor Sales Group (512)590-0871







































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